The Visual Traveler enjoying Korean Street Food

I started my Korean adventure yesterday and one of the first things that I did is to discover Korean street food. I've watched a lot of shows where Korean street food has been featured. And I know that Filipinos have been fascinated with anything Korean since the invasion of Korean telenovelas a decade ago.

My family and I loved walking around the Myeongdong Shopping district. There are a lot of sights and sounds that fill your senses. And one of those are the food varieties that the street vendors offer.

Roasted and Boiled Corn

Now, I know why street food markets and banchettos are becoming popular in the Philippines. It's like a food festival all night long. The only thing that will stop you from gorging yourself with food is either your budget or your stomach.

Korean food is varied and eclectic. It's also innovative. They have waffle sandwiches and crepes with Nutella and cornflakes. They also sell octopus in a cup. They sell ice cream on weird-looking cones. Fried dumplings and different kind of cocktail sausages on a stick. 

Squid Crackers

Sellers also have freshly-squeezed lemon juice and sliced fruits.Just walking around Myeongdong, you'll find these food stalls or carts. Just make sure to visit during late afternoon until evening. This is the time when the night market is open.

Food prices varied from 1,000 won to 5,000 won depending on your choice. You get value for your money.

I haven't tried everything yet but that's one of my goals before I leave Korea. I'm just overwhelmed with everything that I've seen, I can't fully describe the experience. I'm at loss for words. Just look at the pictures and you'll know why it's better to be here and experience everything up close.

Different kInds of Sausage

Squid and Octopus for sale

Potato Corner

Waffle Station

Korean Taffy
Orange and Lemon Juice Stand


Anonymous said…
I would also like to go to Seoul and try these out!