Nat King Cole's Greatest Hits (Full Album) -A Tribute

I grew up listening to Nat King Cole...Every Sunday, my parents would listen to the classics the entire day and instead of begrudging them of this pleasure, my siblings and me appreciated hearing these artists. I feel very nostalgic when I listen to music of this era. I'm very thankful that my parents educated us on this types of music.

Nat King Cole is my Mom's favorite singer since it was also my grandfather's. She also learned to love Mr. Cole's music because of her dad. You can say that it's a tradition that has been passed to generations.

Mr. Cole's voice style is very unique, very svelte and relaxing. His songs has endured the test of time. Every time I hear people sing "Unforgettable, The Very Thought of You or Monalisa---nobody can measure up to him.

Thank you to myvintaged /fullalbum for sharing this so that Mr. Nat King Cole's Music and Legacy can live on!