Filipino-English, Anyone?

I was watching the News the other night and found out that the Philippines is the world's best country in Business English even beating the United States and the United Kingdom.

I do hope that we strengthen our school curriculum and bring back those American/English TV shows. Let's stop dubbing Hollywood movies into Tagalog. It doesn't help us in learning the language. I miss those days when Sesame Street was a staple in Philippine television. Generations of my family learned English by watching Sesame Street.

"If You Order Samgetang Please Order Before 3 Hours"

There are even schools that teach entire classes in Filipino. I'm all for Filipino pride but nowadays as the world is becoming smaller and smaller, fluency in foreign languages is an advantage. I would love to learn another language, if only I have the patience to do so.

And since English is not our primary language, we tend to transliterate words and phrases directly into English. I'm not saying that my vocabulary or grammar is perfect. I still have grammatical mishaps when I converse in English; in some cases, it takes me a few seconds to register what the other person is saying in English.

Filipinos have their unique way of using the English language. We own it, we claim it, we change it. 

We don't care abut prepositions, punctuation marks, correct spelling, idiomatic expressions. Our philosophy in life is, if the other person can understand what we're saying then it's good enough. 

The nice thing about us is that we know how to laugh at our mistakes. We even come up with humorous books about our Filipino-English. Remember Joseph Estrada's book, "Eraptions"? I can't wait for Melanie Marquez to come up with her own compilation. 

One thing that I like about Filipinos is their confidence. And I hope that is something that we can apply to all things that we do.

The following photo shows how we sometimes also don't know where to place apostrophes and because of this, we unintentionally change the meaning of what we're saying.

Past tenses seems to be lost to us.

This one is more about proper placement of the message.

A fondness of articles

Who is not allowed to eat, drink or smoke in the pool?


Heheehe! You're right! We, Filipinos has a great sense of humor that transcends to language usage. That's one thing we love about us!
Unknown said…
"We Served" out of business na sila hahaha
Jace Suico said…
Hahaha nice one...

Jace |
Definitely, Filipinos have a sense of may also want to check another post that I did about more funny