I confess I'm a serial book addict. 

I love reading books that have an element of being part of a series or that has recurring characters. And for several months now, that has been my obsession.

In a span of 12 months, I've read books more than 70 books that are either part of a series or that has characters appearing in several story lines. From Steve Berry's Cotton Malone to The Camel Club, Will Robie, Sean and Maxwell by David Baldacci to the magnificent Gabriel Allon of Daniel Silva to the detective cats of Lillian Jackson Braun to the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency of Alexander McCall Smith and of course, the various serial romance stories....It's been a truly exciting and fun-filled adventure for me.

What makes a serial a very enjoyable read? It draws you in a different world---full of characters that are funny, quirky, weird, good, evil---you name it! It creates an atmosphere of familiarity, a sense of belongingness. You develop a kind of emotional and lasting affinity even if at times the story line isn't that amazing. But you develop a brand of loyalty not just to the author but to the world that he created.

It makes me wonder how authors can come up with these compelling and endearing characters that makes you want to read more and more,,,And when you're on the last pages of the novel, you wish that the next one is already published.

I do have a certain fondness for mystery/adventure/detective novels. And you'll see that in the choices of authors and titles that I read.

It might take a year or even years before the next part of the series come out but you definitely anticipate and wait for the next book to be available. Sometimes, it kinda make sense that when you start a series there are  already several available titles since it helps put you in that reading groove.

In a few minutes, I'll be relaxing in my favorite chair and turning the first page on Part 4 of the Clifton Chronicles by Jeffrey Archer...I waited for about 8-10 months for this to come out.

For 2014, I'm waiting for several books to be published. The Heist by Daniel Silva, the 14th in the Gabriel Allon series; Ken Follett's Edge of Eternity which is the last in his Century Trilogy Series; I hope Alexander Mccall Smith has another offering for his No. 1 Ladies Detective Agency series; and of course, Steve Berry's The Lincoln Myth...

I recommend the following book series:

 Thriller/Mystery/Suspense/Action/Adventure Genre

  • Daniel Silva - Gabriel Allon Series 
    • Main Protagonist: Israeli Secret Agent who is also an Art Restorer
    • What to expect: Art History, Nazis, Islamic Terrorists, World Politics, Travel)

  • Steve Berry - Cotton Malone Series 
    • Main Protagonist: A former U.S. Justice Department Operative who is now an Antiquarian Book Dealer
    • What to expect: World History, World Politics, Travel, little forays into the unknown, Conspiracy theories
  •  David Baldacci - Sean King and Michelle Maxwell Series
    • Main Protagonists: Former Secret Service Agents turned Private Investigators
    • What to expect: American Politics, Conspiracy theories, humor
  • David Baldacci - Camel Club Series
    • Main Protagonists: a former CIA operative, a librarian, a Vietnam Vet, a master thief, a computer genius, a secret service agent
    • What to expect: American Politics, Conspiracy theories, humor
  • Michael Connelly - Harry Bosch Series
    • Main Protagonist: Harry Bosch, LAPD Detective, and a former Vietnam War Veteran. 
    • What to expect: Police Procedural, Mysteries, Crime Drama