Activities to do in Miniloc El Nido Resorts Palawan

You might be wondering if you're stuck in a resort island miles away from the nearest town, what are you supposed to do!?! 

Fret not since when you're in Miniloc Island, one of El Nido Resorts' vacation islands, you won't get bored especially since they don't have TVs in their guest rooms/cottages.

They have various amenities that await your island adventure. They have foosball, ping-pong and billiards tables. You can go kayaking around the island, they also have paddle boards and snorkeling gear. 

If you want to learn basic diving skills, you can hire a certified-PADI instructor that they have onsite or if you're an expert diver, you can set your own dive schedule with them.

PADI/Diving hut

And if you brought your kids along, they also have a kiddie area where they have activities of their own.

You can also play beach basketball, volleyball and football/soccer. Every morning, you can swim with the jackfish or just have a cup of java or tea while watching the sun rise or cocktails while the sun sets....

You can also have a massage and they have a special alcove where you can have your massage, it's by the water and you can really feel all your stress and tension leave your body.

You can also have breakfast or lunch at another El Nido Resort. You just need to coordinate with the Activities Director.

You can fill your day with tons of adventure by the time its nightfall, you just want to relax and chill in your cottage/room.

Diving equipment

You can read a book while sunbathing or behind the huge tree, you can find the basketball and volleyball nets and football goals

You can have a very tranquil massage in their specially-designated massage hut


Or if you brought your favorite book or an ereader, you can work on your tan while reading. There's a lot of things that will occupy you while vacationing in Miniloc. Aside from the island tours that's part of your daily itinerary, you can fill your days with activities that you can do while you're in Miniloc.

the pool table can be found near the outdoor bar

Kids Center

Having a cup of tea while watching the sun go up

Paddle board

Snorkeling with the jackfish

spectacular view of Bacuit bay


Another view of the massage hut