Finale Episode Game of Thrones Season 4 #Thechildren

And the Emmy goes to ---- Maisie Williams as Arya Stark! This Season Finale is definitely Arya Stark's show! Over the course of the season, we've seen how Arya transformed from a child to a hardened and revengeful fighter. The Hound taught her well --- too well that it decided the course of action that Arya took.

This episode sums up a season where everything was anticlimactic...We've seen more of Jon Snow, Arya Stark and Tyrion Lannister in this season. Daenerys' storyline is in danger of being overwrought and tiring but I still love her because of the way Emilia Clarke portrays her which is a combination of sex appeal, grace and passion with a hint of mischievousness in her smile. I hope they'll be able to bring more of the earlier seasons' great storylines to Daenerys.

We know that in the future, we'll see more of Jon Snow being thrust in the central role --- most of the time, he acted as a beacon for the other characters --- Episode 10's last scene shows Arya going to the Wall onboard a ship owned by a Braavos Captain. Using her special coin  and the phrases given to him by Jaqen H'ghar (Valar Morghulis and Valar Dohaeris), she was able to convince the Captain to change the ship's route and bring her to the Wall.

In this episode as well, we've seen Jon Snow confront Mance Rayder and unfortunately Stannis Baratheon steals his thunder. The scene with Jon burning Ygritte's body beyond the Wall, adds again to his character's emotional vulnerability.

Bran Stark finally met the three-eyed raven and the children referred by the First Men. His group had a big fight with bony and skeletal White Walkers. Bran's scenes bring an element of the supernatural to Game of Thrones.

And finally, we get to see the implosion of the House Lannister --- with a great big BOOOOM!!!!

Cersei and Jamie is at it again, I'm not sure if it's Cersei's way to control Jamie since she obviously could not control their father.

Jamie Lannister's great big love to younger brother, Tyrion, opens an opportunity for a prison break with the help of Varys.

But it was Tyrion's great big love act to Shae and his father that ignited the fall of House Lannister --- I much prefer Peter Dinklage's court room scene compared to this episode but nevertheless we've also seen a change in his character's persona and outlook in life.

My recommendation is to watch the finale episode and savor each minute of it since the next season won't air until Spring 2015! Definitely a looooong wait for GoT fans!