Chicago's Tourist Attraction The Bean Cloud Gate

Cloud Gate "The Bean"
One of the attractions of Chicago is Cloud Gate or more popularly known as "The Bean" which is located in Millennium Park. On any given day, there will be hordes of tourists going around and under the concave chamber of The Bean since the stainless steel sculpture provides various kinds of reflection. It's fun taking photos because these reflections create a surreal-like atmosphere.

The sculpture, Cloud Gate, was made by Indian-born British artist, Anish Kapor. It was created from 2004 to 2006.

When I was watching the movie, "Source Code", The Bean was featured prominently. I felt I could relate since I've been there and taken a couple of selfies. You can have a variation of "Where's Waldo" with The Bean since it's highly polished surface serves as a mirror-like feature. 

Can you find me in the picture?

Another version of "Where's The Visual Traveler?"
Another version of "Where's The Visual Traveler?"