A Seafood Dinner Buffet Encounter at Marriott Cebu

Living in a country that is comprised of over 7, 000 islands, partaking on Seafood is in our genetic makeup. It has come to my attention that Cebu Marriott Hotel has designated that every Friday dinner will be Seafood night. I, for one, didn't skip a beat to try out this cornucopia of sea harvest.

Armed with a handful of antihistamines, I planned my assault on the Seafood Buffet at the Garden Cafe. I was so excited that I was there in the hotel lobby 30 minutes before the restaurant opened. I surveyed the different food stations and listed which ones I would go to first.

When we were finally ushered into the restaurant, I immediately went to the Chefs stationed at the Stew station so that I could ask them to prepare the all-time Filipino classic soup, sinigang (a sour soup), with the various fishes and clams they had on display. Once the Sinigang was cooked, it will be delivered to our table.

Sinigang Station
The next thing on my list was the rock lobsters, I just asked the Chef to grill them for me. They had melted butter on the side and I just added calamansi to enhance the flavor of the lobster. It was prepared perfectly that I ate everything on my plate. I don't normally get to have lobsters since it's a bit expensive so this buffet is already a plus for me because of this offering.

Grilled Rock Lobsters
Fresh water crabs are an absolute favorite of mine and whenever I go home to Manila, my dad would cook these for me. I ordered two types of crab dishes for our dinner, steamed and sweet chili styles.

Sweet Chili Crabs
Steamed Crabs
I also savored that night's fried shrimps and the salmon and tuna sashimi that was part of the spread. The usual Salad bar and Japanese station add value to the food variety. To pace myself, I headed to the Cheese and bread section. They had soft and hard cheeses as well as dried fruits.

And what's a buffet without a dessert station? If you have a sweet tooth, this is it. You can have as many sweets as you want. Cebu Marriott's Seafood Dinner Buffet also comes with unlimited Soda or Iced Tea.

Marriott Hotel is located in Cebu Business Park and it's just right beside Ayala Mall. If you are planning to have the buffet at the Garden Cafe, call for reservations to get a nice table. The Seafood Buffet ranges from PHP 1,400-1,600.


The buffet is arpund 1,400 to 1 600 pesos. They have birthday promos as well for the buffet. Thanks!