It's Back! McDonald's McSpicy Sandwich

I'm not a great fan of spicy hot food especially if it's a burger or sandwich. If the spiciness is subtle then maybe I could tolerate it. Call me a food philistine but that's how my palate is.

McDonald's McSpicy on a limited run
McSpicy. McDelicious. McYummy.

But yesterday was different, McDonald's brought back McSpicy, it's a slightly spicy breaded chicken patty with lettuce and sauce with soft sesame buns.

It's similar to my favorite McDo sandwich, McChicken but McSpicy is slightly hotter, crispier and the sauce has a kick to it.

I predict that this would be a hit with McDo fans and patrons. It also goes well with the Coke McFreeze and Garlic Butter-flavored Shaker fries. I could have eaten two of it in a row if I weren't with other people. I didn't want to get the wrong impression.

If you have a cheat day or meal, make it the McSpicy, you won't regret it. I guarantee it. I'm like a savant when it comes to fast food.
Don't count the calories, just enjoy munching on the McSpicy.