8 Cebu Places to get your Affogato Fix

Hey, wanna find out where the best Affogato places are in Cebu? Let me help you uncover them.

You might ask yourself, is it a dessert or a drink? That has been the biggest mystery of the Affogato. For me, I consider it a drink. I enjoy the combination of hot and cold in a glass plus it's wonderful looking at the contrast of the gelato and espresso.

Where to find Affogato in Cebu
Affogato Collection

In my endless quest of finding that perfect Affogato drink, I have discovered eight cafes and restaurants in Cebu that offers this unusual treat.

My love affair with this Italian specialty started more than ten years ago and it just keeps getting better and better. 

I had a former co-worker who used to be a Starbucks barista and she introduced me to the concept of Affogato. She suggested adding a shot of espresso to my ice-blended frappuccino to make it a little stronger. I tried it and immediately got hooked. It's a secret item on their menu.


Affogato means "drowned" in Italian. Espresso is poured over gelato which results to it being drowned by coffee. It's a simple drink but people make it complex. In some instances, the espresso is the one drowned in scoops of gelato.

There are only two ingredients needed to make this drink or dessert. Traditionally, Vanilla gelato has been used but now, you can choose your own gelato flavors. One or more scoops are offered depending on the establishment. Gelato may not be available in all Cebu cafes so a good quality ice cream brand can be substituted.

The second most important ingredient is the espresso. It has to have that crema on top to distinguish it's coffee goodness. If not prepared properly, it has that metallic taste and can be too bitter.


The cost can differ from one place to another. On average, I have paid between 120php to 200php to satisfy my fix.

In no particular order, here is my list. If you have other suggestions, please feel free to share them by using the Comment box.

1. Starbucks

The Siren of all coffee shops. By far, this is my favorite since this is where it all started. In the United States, it's no secret anymore since they are featuring Affogato-style drinks on their menu. Best to order either Vanilla or Caramel Frappuccino for your Affogato since the sweetness and smoothness will help mask the espresso. 

2. Hausbrandt Caffé
This Italian-brand coffee shop opened it's Cebu branch this year and what I like about their Affogato are the gelato choices and proportion. It doesn't hurt that I also like their espresso but it would have been better if there was more of it. Hausbrandt is located in Escario Street near the Capitol area.

A pair of Hausbrandt Affogato drinks

3. Tom N Toms Coffee
A fairly new Korean coffee shop which boasts of being open 24/7 and the cafe can be found in The Greenery in Mabolo. The drink goes well with their freshly baked pastries.

4. Pigafetta
An Italian-inspired restaurant that is situated in Axis Entertainment, Escario St. I was a little disappointed by their Affogato. It's expensive for just a shot of a coffee drink. Literally, the gelato was just a dollop and teaspoons of espresso. I hope they reconsider this.

Piccolo Affogato by Pigafetta

5. Gold Bean Coffee
Their presentation is the most unique since it's in a bowl-like container instead of a glass. They use chocolate chip ice cream which adds a little crunch. The effect of seeing the ice cream being drowned by the espresso is lovely to look at. Theirs have a very nice crema. Gold Bean is just in front of  the University of Southern Philippines, Lahug.

6. Tazza Cafe
They offer meals, cakes and coffee in this cafe. They're located near Tsai Hotel in Lahug. Their espresso is a bit darker compared to others.

7. 32 Umber Cafe
The newest and smallest shop on this list. They're located in the Forum along Arch Bishop Reyes Ave. I found their espresso too bitter and had to mix it with the ice cream to mask the taste. They use Selecta vanilla ice cream.

8. Lava by Fudge
I found out that they were offering the Affogato by accident. I was in SM City and wanted to eat the Pizookie when I saw that they had their own version of this Italian drink on their menu. It went well with the dessert that I had.

The next time you visit any of these cafes and restaurants in Cebu, don't forget to try their Affogato and let your taste buds do the choosing.

Additional Option:

MilkCow is the newest place to have your Affogato. They are an organic soft-serve ice cream store located in Cebu IT Park. But they do have the Affogato on their menu board.