Sunday Mornings at Montebello Villa Hotel

How do you spend your Sunday Mornings when you're on vacation?

Do you still wake up early or do you stay in bed late? What activities would entice you to leave the comforts of your big and soft bed?

Let me count the ways on how lively mornings can be in Cebu's Montebello Villa Hotel.

One of the dilemmas that I encountered when I recently had a staycation in Montebello, was how to wake up early. The night before, I set my alarm to ring before dawn so that I could take pictures of the sunrise.

Plus that was the best time to stroll around the hotel since people were still asleep. But I ended up dismissing the alarm and slept another hour or two. With my crazy schedule, sleep is a luxury that I couldn't resist.

Anyway, I was still able to salvage my Sunday morning at Montebello because of these four things that you can do in Cebu's only garden hotel. Even if I had to literally drag myself that day, I wouldn't miss any of these.

1. Namaste, Yoga

Starting October, Yoga comes to Montebello. This relaxing activity is free for hotel guests and for club members, you get discounted rates.

Bring your favorite yoga mat, towel, salonpas and resilience.


2. Just Keep Swimming

With 2 pools located onsite, swimming is still one of the best cardio workouts that you can have. After your swim, you can have a snack or two in one of their new cabanas.

There is no crime in lounging the entire day.

For both kids and adults

how many laps can you do?

3. Let's get Physical

Most hotel gyms that I've seen are always found within the main building but at Montebello, the gym facility is housed in a quiet area. And it's surrounded with glass windows so that you can have a view while exercising.

Play some music to inspire and motivate you.

Gym House
4. Breakfast like no other

Forget about the buffet spread. Ask for the Breakfast menu and be daring with your food choices. The hotel restaurant, La Terraza came up with options that would make your tummy happy.

Broccoli and Feta omelette on top of toasted wheaties
Banana wheat pancakes

Have some feta cheese, wheat pancakes or broccoli omelette for the most important meal of the day. Add some yogurt and granola for dessert. Wash it all down with any of these smoothies: stress buster, goddess, energy booster or sweet sensation.

Yogurt and granola with mango bits

Sweet Sensation Smoothie
Be wholesome. Be healthy. Have a relaxing staycation. Spend your Sunday mornings at Cebu City's only Garden Hotel and Resort, Montebello Villa. Discover them in Banilad.

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