Andok's Special Atchara is now in Cebu

If Americans have coleslaw and the Koreans have Kimchi, Filipinos have atchara. Atchara goes well with grilled and fried food especially pork and chicken.

And now, a special atchara is available in Cebu through Andok's Litson Manok.

Special Papaya Atchara

The other day we decided to have roasted chicken for lunch and the nearest place is Andok's which is right infront of JY Mall in Lahug. And I was happy to find out that they were selling bottles of atchara or atsara(Filipino pickled vegetables).

They were offering either Papaya atchara which is the most common type and Labanos (Radish). I like the Papaya atsara since I'm more familiar in eating it. I bought a bottle of it and immediately paired it with the roasted chicken. Once I've run out of the pickled veggies, I would try the Radish one.

Pickled Papaya

Pickled Radish
Atchara's main ingredients are unripened papaya, onions, vinegar, brown sugar, and chillies. You can also add other vegetables like carrots, amplaya (bitter gourd) and chillies. It is best served cold.

It has that sweet and sour taste that can be addicting. It's a great side dish to have to break that food flavor that comes with eating fried or grilled meals.

Andok's is more of a Tagalog food brand than Cebuano and you can taste the difference in the marinade. What I like about Andok's is that every order comes with sweet dipping sauce which is made from pork liver, vinegar and sugar. 

The next time you eat roasted chicken or pork, don't forget the atchara.

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