Craft Beer Mania at Cebu Brewing Company

A couple of months ago, I was invited to an Art exhibit in Qube Gallery and when I got there I found out that Cebu Brewing Company is located on the ground floor. My craft beer mania has just begun.

It was open bar during the exhibit and I got to taste some bottles of craft beer that they were offering. I got a little curious and mentally told myself that I would go back and bring some friends along. 

Cebu Brewing Co.
The place is small but cozy which I very much like. No blaring music. You can actually have a real conversation. No shouting or texting or doing selfies.

Last night, I went back with my friend and we had a nice quiet time. We were just chillin' and swirling our beer to distinquish the ingredients. We ended up comparing our beer choices.

I remember my trip to Arizona and we ate in this restaurant which boasted of having more than 50 beer brand options. That's how Cebu Brewing Co. is set-up. Numerous brands that might be unfamiliar to us. 

99 bottles of beer on the rack
They serve the bottle cold and you can ask for chilled glasses. Never drink beer with ice since it dilutes the flavor. For some Filipinos, we have to get used to drinking beer without ice.

What is craft beer, anyway? Microbreweries, independent, small, unique, and traditional. Even pubs or bars abroad brew their own and sell them. These are some descriptors that we normally use for craft beer. It's fascinating to know that there is more to beer than Red Horse or San Miguel.

But craft beer is for the beer connoisseur or for someone who would be able to appreciate the hints of subtlety and differences of each beer. More and more folks are sipping their beer and enjoying the taste and texture instead of chugging them down.

Cebu Brewing Co. is all about the beer. No pork sisig or chicaron or hot wings to dull your taste buds. There is only mixed nuts to go with your beer. Alcohol content for some options are a bit high, so, you might want to pace yourself when drinking.

Mixed nuts, anyone?
Pale Ale, IPA, Wheat, White, Malt, Lager --- these choices will make you a little woozy especially if you are not to familiar. You can ask for recommendation from the staff.

My personal preference is the Belgian White. It's wheat ale and is a little lighter and aromatic compared to other beer types. I also like lager beer which is darker and stronger. 

Five craft beers to choose from
What's next?
Unfortunately, most of the craft beer that Cebu Brewing Co. has are imported. The only local Cebu brand that they have is Turning Wheels. I'll try this when I go back to the place.

Cebu's craft beer Turning Wheels
Turning Wheels craft beer
The prices might be a little steep for the average Juan. Average bottle price is at 220php. But they do have a beer sampler that they call Big Flight which is at 120php. 5 kinds of beer that you can try to help you choose your next one.

Big Flight
There should be a beer appreciation class because there are a lot of things that we can learn and appreciate about beer. 

Cebu Brewing Co. is at Crossroads, Banilad, Cebu City. They are open from 4pm to Midnight, Tuesday to Saturday.

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