4 New Restaurants at the Garden Bloc Cebu IT Park

Who could have imagined that Cebu I.T. Park's Garden Bloc would be a food paradise for Cebuanos?!

Newest update as of May 25, 2017, some of the restaurants mentioned in this post are ready to serve customers. Check out the latest photos.

They currently have Sugbo Mercado, Shaka Hawaiian Restaurant, Tako Truck, Flame It and Yakski Barbecue. And maybe before the year ends, there will be 4 additional new restaurants to cater to the needs of people working and living in Cebu I.T. Park and surrounding areas.

Another new restaurant with a unique facade is The Pyramid which officially opened on May 15.

I recently passed by the place and saw these building structures. I couldn't resist not taking pictures because I'm so excited about the developments.

Here are the 4 new restaurants to watch out for in the Garden Bloc. 

1. Baguio Craft Brewery - the original restaurant is located in Baguio. They serve local craft beers that have catchy names like "Englishman in New York" and Lagud. They also serve not your usual pub fare. Looking at their menu, they have very interesting dishes.

2. Sushi Boy - this is a Japanese-inspired restaurant from the people behind Lantaw, Shaka and Mooon Cafe. And as the name implies, their specialty is Sushi, rolls and rolls of it. They can also be found in the North Reclamation area, right beside Cafe Racer. 

3. The Park Social - is another great place to get some drinks and have good food. They're a popular chillout place in Ayala Mall. It's a bespoke bar and restaurant. 

4. New York Buffalo Brad's Hot Wings - Cebuanos love their chicken wings, lots and lots of them. We've seen flavored wings places sprout like mushrooms in and around Cebu City. We can't get enough of them.

On May 27, 2017, they will have a soft opening.

Hopefully, these new food places will open in the soonest possible time for us to try all of them.