9 Magical Creatures in the Fantastic Beasts Movie

Before you go any further, I have to warn you that there might be some spoilers in this post. Well, not really spoilers especially if you've already read the book, Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them or have seen the film trailers. 

Newt Scamander and his traveling valise
I'll be introducing you to nine magical creatures that are featured prominently in the movie. There are more in the film but these nine are just some of the beasts seen in the trailers.

I'm psyching myself up for the new movie. Thus, the reason for this post. Today, November 17th is the first day of showing in the Philippines but I'll be watching it on Sunday.

J.K. Rowling has created a new world of magic and she has brought us to the shores of America. With new characters, creatures, spells, and storylines that would surely make Harry Potter fans nostalgic and clamoring for more. This is just the first in a series of five movies. 

We follow the adventures of Newton Artemis Fido Scamander or Newt for short, a young wizard who has found himself searching for the magical creatures that has escaped his enchanted valise. The year is 1926 and he is in the Roaring Twenties of the United States of America which is totally different from stiff and sedate England. 

So, without further ado, here are the new nine magical creatures that would pique your interest. Description excerpts are derived from Newt Scamander's informative tome, Fantastic Beasts.

1. Demiguise - is highly valued for their pelts since their hair is spun into Invisibility cloaks. They are mostly found in the Far East.

A fuzzy demiguise

2. Billywig - dried ones are used to make the popular sweet Fizzing Whizzbees. They are insects native to Australia.

Look for the tiny billywig

3. Bowtruckle - can be found in England, Germany, and Scandinavian forests. It is a tree guardian creature. Newt has six of them and they all have names.

Bowtruckles are small and shy

4. Erumpent - looks like a rhinoceros in steroids. It is a large gray African beast of great power. The Erumpent's horn contains a deadly fluid that would explode when injected.

Don't be at the receiving end of an erumpent

5. Graphorn - have an aggressive nature and can be found in the mountainous regions of Europe. They are considered an endangered species. Newt has two of them.

Trolls are known to ride Graphorns

6. Niffler - is a burrowing creature that can be akin to a metal detector. They can sniff anything glittery but can be destructive to a property because of this predilection.

This niffler looks like a platypus

7. Occamy - their egg shells are made of the purest and softest silver. They can shift their shapes to fit any container. It is a plumed, two-legged winged creature with a serpentine body and may reach a lenght of fifteen feet.

Newt can control this Occamy

8. Nundu - is considered one of the most dangerous in the world. It's breath can cause a disease than can swiped entire villages. 

A nundu resembles a scary big leopard

9. Thunderbird - there is no description of it in the book but as per Pottermore, it is an American flying bird that is closely related to a phoenix. It's tail feathers are used for wand-making especially good for Transfiguration spells.
Thunder, thunder, Thunderbird!

I hope these would whet your appetite for more and would propel you to go to the cinemas to watch the movie.

Photos are screen-grabbed from the Fantastic Beasts movie trailers. Descriptions of the beasts came from Newt Scamander's Fantastic beasts and where to find them and Pottermore.


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