6 Holiday Cheers and Carols at 10 Dove Street Confectionery

There are six reasons to go to 10 Dove Street Confectionery and celebrate the Holidays with delightful cheers and inspiring carols.

A taste of home at 10 DC

10 DC is bringing a taste of home with their sweet and savory goodies. Old and new favorites are in the menu and this is the perfect opportunity to head on over to the Confectionery. 

1. Christmas Cake - has an unusual main ingredient. We, Filipinos, don't normally use this fruit in our cakes. It's all about the cranberries for 10 DC's Christmas cake. A pound cake filled with cranberries and golden raisins with cream cheese frosting.

Best-selling Christmas cake

2. Fruit Holiday Cake - this is one naked thing that everyone can enjoy without any guilt. This cake is a butter sponge cake filled with layers of fresh fruit and lemon custard. It has kiwi, grapes and cherries.

A mouthful of naked goodness. Fruit Holiday cake 

3. Christmas Serenade - listen to the Fidelis Chorale every Saturday and Sunday as they sing carols and bring glee to the diners. The carolers start their sweet symphony at 8pm  and ends at 11pm.

FIDELIS Chorale at 10DC

4. Holiday Treats cart - this charming cart is overflowing with scrumptious desserts. When you're chillin' in their al fresco area, no need to go back inside to make additional  pastry orders. 

Treats cart that's on a roll

5. Something heavenly, round & chewy - not satisfied with your cake? Why not bring home other pastries to share with friends and family. Food for the gods, Christmas cupcakes, cookies and brownies await your sweet tooth. 

Cupcakes, cookies, brownies, food for the gods, Oh My!

6. Of nutcrackers and trains - I always like the atmosphere at 10 DC. It oozes of Christmas cheer. They have mistletoe, nutcracker soldiers, trains, and santas all around. Even their cakes are decorated with holly, ribbons and bells.

Head on over to 10 Dove Street Confectionery and 10 Dove Street restaurant in Oakridge, A.S. Fortuna.

They will also be opening branches in SM Seaside and Axis Entertainment in December.