Converse Cebu Debuts All New Counter Climate Collection

With Cebu experiencing more rain than ever this year, this piece of good news is a life-saver.

Converse has been the number one choice for hipsters, stylistas and young-at-heart for their sneaker collection.

This year they are debuting various sneaker designs that you will wear at all times.

These are available in three Converse Cebu locations: Ayala Center Cebu, SM Cebu and Robinsons Galleria Cebu.

For their Fall/Winter collection, they are introducing their innovative technology to battle the unpredictacle weather that the world is currently having.

The Climate Change Collection highlights the need to have a pair of shoes that could withstand rough weather conditions without you worrying of throwing away a good pair of sneakers just because they got soaked from rain water.

These shoes are water-repellant with the classic Converse styles and Nike in-sole tech. The Counter Climate collection is available in Cons, Chucks and Jack Purcell designs.

I'm wishing that someone would place a pair of these all-weather shoes in my Christmas stocking.

These are not just sneakers, they're Converse.