Can't Get Enough of Jamaican Patty! Philippine Version

Whenever I go home to Manila (I currently live in Cebu City), I never miss buying Jamaican beef patties. And my favorite version is the one that you can buy from (appropriately named) D Original Jamaican Pattie Shop and Juice Bar.

You can find D Original Jamaican Pattie Shop in various locations across town, especially in malls. They don't have big stores but they have a lot of kiosks. But they're very popular since it's delicious and the price is just right.

I don't know how authentic our version of Jamaican patties are but for me, I just love eating them. The beef is very tender, it has a mild spicy taste and best eaten when it's still fresh from the oven. And I guarantee that you'll gobble one up in quick bites because that's how good it tastes!

I can't get enough of it that sometimes, I can eat 2-3 patties in one sitting. They have variations like original beef, Pinatubo beef (super hot), beef express (mildly hot), beef mushroom and cheese, and a whole lot more. They also have chicken patties as well!

I once tried the super hot and spicy, Pinatubo beef, and I vowed never to try it again. I could feel the burn in my mouth the entire day. The beef was super good but the hotness overpowered my enjoyment.

Patties are very convenient to eat. You can enjoy one while walking around. It's not messy when you eat it and it's filling. And sometimes, instead of popcorn in the movies, I buy patties to munch on.

I started eating Jamaican patties about 20 years ago that was the time that they started to be popular in Manila. I've introduced a lot of folks to patties, even my 7-year-old nephew loves it!

Jamaican patties are patterned after the Cornish pastry. The difference would be the type of filling, amount of it and size of the fillings.

I can't wait for my next visit to Manila so that I can have another round of Jamaican patties! Better yet, I hope they open a branch in Cebu.

Note (2016): Yehey! They've already opened several branches in Cebu. They can be found in the Foodcourt area of SM Seaside.

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