History Channel's Pawn Stars Rock!

"I'm Rick Harrison, and this is my pawn shop."

I'm a trivia buff and History Channel's Pawn Stars is my cup of tea! The Old Man, Rick, Corey Harrison plus their buddy Chumlee make up the regular cast. They also have an assortment of experts who help them in understanding the history, provenance and value of the items brought to their shop.

Here in the Philippines, our pawn shops are not like the World Famous Gold and Silver Pawnshop. They're mostly small establishments that deal with everyday normal stuff. We don't pawn our cars or motorcycles in our version of pawn shops. What people pawn are their TV sets, video and music components or anything of value.

The way that the show is set-up works because in between segments, they have a quiz that helps in interacting with their audience. You can learn a lot in the way they negotiate with their customers especially the Old man's style. When a customer ups the price, he goes lower and most of the time, The Old Man wins.

I learned a lot with the historical facts that they present in the show and I sometimes use them for the Trivia Nights that I host in the office.

The show also created spin-offs with their experts. Like Counting Cars, American Restoration and American Pickers.

Nothing beats experience and expertise especially in the world of Pawn Stars. History comes to life and makes it more meaningful for newer generations of TV viewers. This is one of the reality shows that I love watching.

Comic relief comes from Chumlee and his numerous schemes like the t-shirts that he sold. If there was an opportunity for him to dilly dally, he would. But funny moments are not reserved to the show's stars but also to the customers. There was one episode where a customer wanted to sell his Batman-inspired batmobile which Chumlee wanted to buy but Rick vetoed.

It's a very lighthearted show and it doesn't have pretensions. But if you just want to enjoy
  watching TV and you want to learn something about History, then Pawn Stars is your show.