Are You A Professional? Insights on Leadership

Are you a Professional?

“Always do your best. What you want now, you will harvest later.”
-Og Mandino

When somebody mentions the word Professionalism, what does it mean to you? When you are leaders, your professionalism adds values not only to yourselves but also to others.

How would you answer the following questions: Do you practice impartiality in dealing with erring employees? Are you consistent in your relationship with all of your team members? Do you conduct business with the highest ethical standard? Are you a good role model for your employees as well as your peers?

Successfully managing your image, treating people with courtesy, politeness, and kindness, maintaining professional personal relationships with your employees and excellent work ethic are just some ways of how good leaders demonstrate their professionalism.

“The Professional” Tips
Here are some tips on how to create your own brand of professionalism:

Avoid Office Politics
Avoid Favoritism
Keeping confidences – True Professionals don’t gossip
Show your appreciation
Learn to Listen
Be Fair and responsible
Be Optimistic – Don’t Let Negativity rule you
Master your emotions