Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City: Can You Handle IT?

I know that I'm late in the game in terms of GTA IV ------ 5 years too late! But I'm basically addicted to it...Since I bought it last year, I've never stopped playing it. 

I've replayed the main GTA IV game, The Lost and Damned and the Ballad of Gay Tony twice and I'm still playing. You can choose to be a newly arrived immigrant trying his luck in America or a biker trying to take control of his bike club or a club owner taking back control of his clubs.

The characters of Niko Bellic, Luis Lopez and Johnny Klebitz are aspects of the different types of human beings who are willing to give it all, to gain it all.

Every time I play the different episodes, I find something new. I'd stick to the story mode or just play along depending on my mood. 

I know that more experienced and professional gamers would hate me for this, I actually prefer GTA IV to GTA 5. I've played GTA5, the graphics and gaming are spectacular but for me, it lacks a certain appeal. 

Hahaha ---- maybe, I just like the drama in GTA IV. GTA5 is more attuned to the movie "The Italian Job" and GTA IV is like "Mean Streets". I would have wanted GTA 5 to have more of the emotional drama that GTA IV had. But I did still enjoy playing GTA 5. I haven't come to the point of replaying the story mode yet. I'm still having fun with GTA IV.

I would like to try the other Grand Theft Auto games but I'm using an XBOX 360 console and here in the Philippines, there aren't a lot of options in buying the other games. 
I tried looking for it in my favorite Gaming store but they don't carry any stock.

They said that it would make you more prone to commit crimes and become violent when you play these games but I haven't turned into any of those labels. Yeah, the language and the humor is rather coarse and offensive but you should know that this is just playacting. These are my opinions and I've also talked to other gamers and I don't see any behavioral change in their lives. 

Grand Theft Auto 5
Maybe you just need to have moderate to high EQ (emotional intelligence) when playing these kinds of games. I admit that an age limit should be followed when selling and playing these games since you need to have proper understanding of what is the difference between the real and reel world. Again, these are my thoughts and opinions.

GTA IV and it's episodes are all about survival and living the life that we designed. It's up to you what choices you make, what path you'll take or the kind of journey you'll be making --- make sure that you own up and don't blame others for the things that will happen to you.


Edward said…
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