Judith McNaught's Books Makes You A Hopeless Romantic

Judith McNaught was catapulted to fame during the 1980's and 1990's, and some might consider her books risque during those times. But compared to the E.L. James and Sylvia Days of today, her books are considered tame and traditional. Ever since her first novel, Whitney, My Love, came out, her popularity and fans never waned.

I think Judith McNaught is one of the proponents of the in love with a Billionaire story lines. But it's not one-sided, most of her heroines are successful businesswomen, executives or celebrities as well. Her plot lines are also enriched by a supporting cast that also has their own endearing subplots.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading her novels and I should say that I've reread them several times. These books are my guilty pleasure! I like the way that she creates her characters. Her characters are lovable and unforgettable for romance readers like me. 

For me, her love formula doesn't get tiresome. Her heroines are strong-willed, independent, smart and idealistic. Her heroes are men who take advantage of opportunities, sensitive, who have one-track minds when it comes to love, intelligent, successful - - - These combination makes great couple material. She sometimes adds a little mystery or suspense in her stories but essentially it all boils down to the 2 main characters and their inner struggles to preserve their relationships.

In the 1980s and 1990s, it was a rite of passage when you read the books of Judith McNaught. Copies are known to be passed from one person to another.

Her books are classy, sophisticated and easy reading. After her last book, Every Breathe You Take, came out in 2005, I'm still hoping that another novel of hers would be written. There is news that another book will be coming out but no there's no definite word from the author.

My favorite books are her contemporary romances like Paradise, Perfect, Remember When and Someone to Watch Over Me.

Judith McNaught Bibliography:

Westmoreland Saga: A Kingdom of Dreams, Whitney, My Love, Until You, Miracles (novella)

Sequels: Once and Always, Something Wonderful, Almost Heaven

Second Opportunities: Paradise, Perfect, Night Whispers, Every Breath You Take

Foster Saga: Remember When, Double Exposure (novella)

Standalone novels: Double Standards, Tender Triumph

Have you read any of Judith McBaught's books? What are your favorites?