Pizza Paradise: A Foodie's Guide to Cebu Restaurants 2014

One of our favorite food to partake with is PIZZA!!! And we've tried some of the known pizza places in Cebu. 

The restaurants and food places featured here are just some of the places we've tried in Cebu. Some restaurants are favorite of ours and it's our "if all else fails" plan, we go there to eat. We'll be adding more to the list as we visit new food choices.

If you have your own recommendations, don't hesitate to leave a comment so that we can also try those places.

1. Pizza Republic Pick+Mix by Guiseppe Genco - one of the newest kid on the pizza block. This pizza place is located in Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City. The selling point of the restaurant is that you can create your own pizza by choosing your preferred sauce and toppings. They use a brick oven to bake the thin-crust pizza. The experience is similar to an assembly line. Since it's relatively new, it's always full of customers, especially during the lunch and dinner hours. 

Our very own creation

2. Ryan's Pizzarelli House - pizza delivery is very popular for fans of this Pizza House. You can order pizza, calzone, and stromboli from them. Their dough is very soft and their stuffing or toppings are delicious. It's also very affordable. You can find them at unit 10 new Ramos center or can call them for deliveries at 347-8830.

Calzone a la Ryan's Pizzarelli

3. Yellow Cab Pizza - Some patrons  of this pizza chain thinks that it's an American import but little do they know that it's entirely made in the Philippines! Interior decor is full of NYC-inspired photos. Their pizza-style is New York Pizza, thin-crust and big in proportions. They also offer sides like baked potato wedges, nachos, chicken wings, Charlie Chan Pasta and our favorite ----twice-baked potato. They also have a rolled-up pizza version named Dear Darla (after the Little Rascals character). You can find several Yellow Cab pizza branches across the city.

Four Seasons

Twice-baked potato halves

 4. Shakey's Pizza - has been in the Philippines since 1975. Their mainstay is their thin crust and pan pizzas but one of their bestsellers is their Mojos potatoes. We have a lot of memories with this pizza  chain since when we were younger, my Dad will usually take us to Shakey's and it was a super treat for us. Some locations in Manila, offer live music on certain nights. Shakey's can be found throughout the city.

Pepperoni overload

Shakey's Special
Mojos potatoes

  5. S&R Membership Shopping - This Shopping mecca is not only famous for it's prices but also for it's New York-style pizzas. You need to be a member in order to be able to get into their food court and partake of their pizza. One slice is good for two people and normally folks would ask the clerks to slice them in half. They also have fries, churros, and calzone to boot. Buying and eating S&R pizza is sometimes the climactic ending to grocery shopping.

Shrimp and Garlic

Cheese Pizza

  6. Italianni's Restuarant An Italian Casual Dining experience, it started in the Philippines in the 1990's. It's known for it's authentic Italian dishes. Of course, their best sellers are their pizzas which they have a variety of. They have Neapolitan, flat bread, Sicilian style pizzas and flavors. It's a bit pricey compared to other pizza places but it's worth it. As of now, there's only one location in Cebu and that's in Ayala Terraces. Visit the place and see why this is one of the popular restos in the Philippines.

Flat Bread
Four flavors pizza

 7. Pizza Hut - Another pizza chain, you can never go wrong with is Pizza Hut! They introduced the stuffed-crust pizza and it's one of their selling points. They also boast of the casual dining experience. Their menu offers a wide variety of pasta, chicken, and salads. They can also be found in major malls.

8. Sbarro - offers Italian-American cuisine. Their New York-style pizza as well as the Chicago deep dish-style are popular with their fans. It's another American import but is deeply-entrenched in Filipinos' hearts. Their pasta dishes are also best sellers. They also have salads and calzones. You can easily find a Sbarro branch in any of the malls in Cebu. This is my mom's favorite pizza place.


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what about Handuraw resto? Their pizzas are good.