The Best 2 Books to Read to Your Date: A Walk to Remember and Love Story

Two of the books that made me cry buckets are Nicholas Sparks’ A Walk to Remember and Erich Segal's Love Story. 

Both novels feature storylines about relationships amidst challenges. There are no rival lovers or hysterics or too many characters introduced in the plot lines.

These books really centered around their two protagonists ---- how they started to fall in love, their struggles and finally their redemption.

For A Walk to Remember, at first I was reluctant to even start the novel since I didn't even finish reading Sparks’ Message in a Bottle. But the first few lines of A Walk to Remember caught my attention. 

I loved the book so much that when they adapted this into a movie, I was greatly disappointed on how they made it. I knew they wanted to make it more attractive to the younger generation but it lost it’s poignancy along the way. If they decide to do a remake, it would be best to stick to the time period to retain that classic innocent aura.

I enjoy very much the writing style of Erich Segal and I've read all of his books. For Love Story, there are no pretenses or overwrought dramatics. He doesn't prolong the story and because of this he avoids boring the reader.

If you’re planning to do something new and different for your date, these are two of the best romantic books to read out loud. It might take some hours or even days to finish because of the emotions that both of you will experience. 

The Landon Carter and Jamie Sullivan love story can rival the Oliver Barrett andJenny Cavilleri one. In some ways, their relationships have parallelisms between them.