Remembering ZAIA Cirque du Soleil Venetian Macau

It was very unfortunate that Cirque du Soleil closed it's ZAIA show in Venetian Macau due to low ticket sales in 2012. It was supposed to have a 10-year run but only lasted for less than 4 years. 

Some say that Macau still could not compete with Las Vegas as an entertainment destination, it's still more known as a gambling destination. Maybe a  few years from now, Macau would be more like Vegas in terms of the attractions that they can showcase.

I was very fortunate to be able to watch it during our visit to Macau in 2011. I've always admired the Canadian Company and it's fabulous acts and storytelling feature in their shows. 

The production value of the show had an artistic appeal and I guess that's what gives any Cirque du Soleil show that classy ambience.