Amazing Crepe Cakes only at Last Course Cafe Cebu

"Life is too short not to eat crepe cake!"

- The Visual Traveler

A few years ago, there was an explosion of crepes in Cebu. Almost all hotel buffets offered crepe as a dessert. You can top it with a variety of goodies like fresh fruits, chocolate, whipped cream and even ice cream. Cebu went gaga over crepe that there were even a couple of crepe stores that sprouted at the malls. But eventually, the masses went on to another set of food fad. 

Last Course Cafe is creating a different kind of food craze. This time around, the crepe has been revolutionized. It has been transformed into a cake! Yes, crepe cakes!

Crepe Cakes
Crepe Cakes galore!

This cafe located at Banilad is the only one in Cebu offering this new kind of dessert. You can have a slice, two slices, three slices or even a whole cake.

25 layers of the thin, light pancakes stacked together with creamy filling on each sheet. They have flavor options that even the French would approve.

These exquisite slices would make your eyes roll over in delicious fervor. They normally serve the crepe cake slices heated but even when it was cold, it was still tasty.

Matcha-luvin' it.
I'm not really a crepe fan but after having their Ube (Yam) and Matcha slices, I want to bring my entire family over to Last Course Cafe. Heck, I want to bring the entire city of Cebu to this little cafe. I don't want anyone to miss out on this delectable food experience.

What's nice about the flavors, they don't overpower the crepe itself. The crepe is still fluffy and soft. The texture is consistent on all of their cakes. And in some cake slices, they'll even give you an additional dollop of their homemade whipped cream which makes every forkful a luscious treat.

The chef-owner, Grace, had extensive experience as a Pastry Chef before deciding to open her own restaurant. The crepe cake idea came to her while she was window-shopping. 

Madeline and Ube cakes

Mango crepe cake

You can have coffee and crepe. Or even hot tea and crepe. Or the Malaysian (Singaporean) Teh tarik (hot milk pulled tea) and crepe. Any drink and slice combination will definitely work. 

Hot Beverages
Hot beverages (Teh Tarik and Cappuccino)

And Last Course Cafe is more than their crepe cakes, they also serve meals that are not on your usual cafe menu.

We tried out their Bangers and Mash, an obvious homage to British Pub food. Sausages and a generous portion of cheesy, creamy, and sinfully mound of mashed potato. This is something that I'll always order from them whenever I'm at the Cafe.

savory meals
Savory meals

Chef Grace has the scoop on the best crepes in town. Every bite is worth savoring.

Last Course Cafe Cebu

Last Course Cafe Banilad, Cebu City. The restaurant is right across the main entrance of Sto. Nino Village. You can also check out their Facebook page (@crepecakescebu) to watch how they make their cakes.

They're open Mondays-Thursdays, 11 AM-10 PM. You can also reach them at (032) 410-1131 for bookings and cake orders.

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