Coffee Appreciation at Cafe Jasmin Cebu

"Everything gets better with coffee"

"You have to slurp the coffee", that was the advice given to us by John Michael Hermoso of Cafe Jasmin. He was giving us a preview of the Coffee Appreciation class that they conduct for coffee enthusiasts.

I was slurping so much that I almost choked on my second taste cup. 

This is the first time I've experienced a Coffee workshop and I was game for anything. As long as it entails something edible. 

Frankly, I'm not really a coffee-lover. I do enjoy a cup of Java, once in awhile, but I don't really crave for it. I know the difference between a Cappuccino from a Latte but other than that, my coffee knowledge wouldn't fill a mug.

Coffee Appreciation at Cafe Jasmin
A preview of Cafe Jasmin's Coffee Appreciation workshop

With the onset of the specialty coffee shops, consumers have been given a difficult task of making decisions about what to order. Decaf, with foam, without whipped, double espresso, hot or cold--- sometimes, it's a nail-biting experience just to place a coffee order.

Cafe Jasmin's mission is to educate coffee drinkers the basics of what they are drinking. Arabica is more superior than Robusta beans. Ethiopian beans are smoother in taste, has a more fruity aroma and richer in flavor. Robusta is easier to blend with other beans and it's preferred to be used for espresso drinks because of its full-bodied taste and better foam head.

Coffee Menu
Know your coffee

These facts are kinda mind-boggling for someone who puts cream and sugar in her coffee. But I actually wanted to learn more about coffee and I'm thinking that one of these days, I'll sign-up for the full Coffee Appreciation workshop.

Cafe Jasmin has a cozy and comfortable ambiance. The second floor holds a lot of treats for book and music lovers. They have books that you borrow while you're there. And they're the only cafe that I know of that has an electronic keyboard that you can play music with.

Be Happy with coffee

What's unique about Cafe Jasmin is that they roast their own beans. Plus, they also offer this service to other cafes and coffee shops in the city. And according to Randy, Cafe Jasmin's Operations Manager, they also blend what they use for their coffee menu. 

After going through that short lesson on coffee, I have more enjoyment with my caffeine fix. But I don't think I'll be slurping my cup of joe when there are other people around.

coffee beans
Choose your beans

Cafe Jasmin also offers some savory meals to go with your coffee. They have sandwiches, creamy chicken carbonara, and baked lasagna. And they also have a good variety of tea options.

Cafe Jasmin offerings
What's on your table?

But what struck me the most was their blueberry cheesecake and triple chocolate brownie. Literally, those desserts took my socks off. They were that delicious! The cheesecake was not baked which should be the case for cheesecakes. And make sure that they warm the brownie up before they serve it to you, that's what makes it gooey, chewy and soft.

Cafe Jasmin blueberry cheesecake
blueberry cheesecake

Cafe Jasmin Triple Chocolate Brownie
triple chocolate brownie

Here are the details of their coffee class:
Mondays - Coffee Appreciation
Tuesdays - Hands-on (Practical) 
Time: 1:30pm 
Fee: 500php per person
Telephone: 422-8022

Cell: 0915 824 6965

Cafe Jasmin is located at EZoned, Panagdait Street, Kasambagan, Cebu City.

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