Where's the iPhone? challenge | The Makings of a Facebook Viral Post

Where's the phone? Have you found it yet? How long did it take you to find the iPhone?

It all started on an early morning post made by Filipino, Jeya May Cruz on July 3. She wrote on her Facebook status that she couldn't sleep so she created a find it challenge. She hid her cell phone and asked her if anyone can find it.

Challenge was accepted by people who came across the FB post and no one gave the secret away.

 photo by Jeya May Cruz | FB

In a few couple of days, her post became viral and was shared thousands of times. People who liked or reacted reached more than 157, 000. Comments from netizens were hilarious. 

Countless of memes also came out. It was also shared by International sites like Business Insider. 

Where's grandma?

Even a Pokemon Go character joined in on the action.

It's your turn to take on the challenge. Enlarge the photo and when you search for it, do it in a box pattern. 

Found it yet? 

Spoiler alert on the next photos.

Here's a hint to help you along. Almost there.

Another clue. Let's take a closer look. The phone has a floral casing. Observe the difference in the carpet design.

Give up? Here you go.