RapidVisa Makes Your Dream Come True | Now in Cebu!

Do you and your family have plans of migrating to the U.S.A?

Is your fiance or spouse already living in the U.S.A? Are you planning to join them in the future?

Fret not, RapidVisa is the leading pioneer in online immigration processing that will assist you in reviewing your documents and application with a success rate of 99.7% visa approval.

RapidVisa Cebu Office

As the United States of America celebrates it's Independence Day, July 4, 2016 will also be marked as the launch of the Cebu Office of RapidVisa Philippines Inc.. They are the fastest visa processing service in the U.S. and the Philippines today.
RapidVisa recognizes the need to reach out to its customers that are located in the Southern part of the country. The Cebu office opens it's Customer Service department offering Live Chat, Email, and Phone support. Customer Service agents will be able to assist their clients in English, Visayan and Tagalog.

Their Customer Service department is open 24/7 providing needed assistance to its clients. 

RapidVisa's Customer Service Manager, Jerome Hermosilla shares that, "Cebuanos, and Filipinos in general, need not spend so much time processing their visas anymore. We boast of our fast and efficient service. We offer accompanying services that set us apart from the simple do-it-yourself form filler."

Jerome Hermosilla, RapidVisa's Customer Service Manager
Jerome Hermosilla, RapidVisa's Customer Service Manager

Their team will review the visa petitions three times before sending them to the government. If they see an error, they fix them. They promise to work on your visa application within four hours or less.

Kyle Martin, RapidVisa's Marketing Manager, adds, "RapidVisa has systems in place to avoid such delays. And although nobody can speed up the government side of things, we help our customers not make little mistakes that cause delays."

Cebu office

They will assist you in document preparation and filing services for K-1 fiancee visa, spousal visa, adjustment of status, removal of condition, parent visa, and U.S. citizenship.

RapidVisa is easy to use. You just need to create a login using an email address and a password; fill out the questionnaire or form; pay the fee and submit. They have the easiest, fastest and lowest-priced online processing program. 

They have helped over 20, 000 immigrants from 172 countries to emigrate legally to the United States of America. Customer testimonials can be seen on their website and facebook page.

In the event of any challenges encountered, they have a money-back guarantee. 

RapidVisa website
RapidVisa website

To find out more about their services and assistance, visit their website www.rapidvisa.com. You may also make an appointment by calling (032) 410-9751.

Their Cebu branch is located on the 12F Park Centrale bldg., Cebu IT Park, Lahug.